In a Dark, Dark Wood Book Review



Welcome to my first book talk of the month! This section separates itself from my student book talks. These books will be for my pleasure and knowledge. As a teacher it can be difficult to find the time to read, let alone waste time on a book that didn’t hold your interest to begin with. During these monthly book talks I will discuss fiction and nonfiction books of my choosing or books I’ve read based on other suggestions. Unlike my student book talks, I will not spoil any parts of the book because these entries will serve as suggested/ or not suggested readings. Keep in mind these are my personal joys within the genres I chose.


Quick Summary

My first book talk partakes on a journey of a bachelorette party In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. I chose this book because I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense of Paula Hawkins The Girl on the Train. Similar to Emily Blunt’s transparent, yet confused narration, Nora Shaw attempts to recount hours before a horrible accident that landed her in the hospital as any tragic car accident would, but to her disbelief she is guarded by a cop patrolling her door. As she listens in to the cop on a radio, the word “homicide” echoes in her head and she begins to wonder if the police is protecting her or making sure she doesn’t escape.

We travel through Nora’s mind to the past 10 years as she tries to remember what happened at the horrific bachelorette weekend. Why was she even there? She hadn’t spoken to the bride in over ten years. As she searches for the truth she realizes it could get her killed.

My Thoughts

Ware does a fantastic job hinting at the perfect amount. She gives you enough clues to draw conclusions, but then use Nora’s narration to make you think differently. Nora however, was not my favorite protagonist. She seemed sulky and her life paid because of it. I did not sympathize with her and some parts seemed like she threw herself a pity party. This character was not one to grab life by the horns. Instead, she let life take her and she just rolled with it.

Although I did not find this book scary as some of the comments I read prior, I did find myself wanting to be the detective and solve the case before Nora could. I am not one that’s great with predictions, but I did find this plot line similar to solve. Although not all the ties were connected from my own mind, i figured out the major questions before the book revealed a truth. To me, the detective work is the most fun interaction with a novel. However, it’s even more fun when you’re wrong.

  As somewhat predictable this was not my favorite book, but not a waste of time either. I still plan to read Ware’s other book, The Women in Cabin 10.

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